Transport Assessments

CyclingA Transport Assessment is a comprehensive report that sets out transport issues relating to a proposed development. It identifies what measures will be taken to deal with the anticipated transport impacts of the scheme and to improve accessibility and safety for all modes of travel, particularly for alternatives to the car such as walking, cycling and public transport.

Typically a Transport Assessment will include the following:

  • Estimates of the number of people expected to use the development site by various modes of transport
  • How these movements will be spread across the road network
  • How the junctions will cope with increasing movements.

We can prepare a Transport Assessment to accompany your application to consider the issues and develop practical, integrated, and sustainable design solutions.

The Department for Transport (March 2007) Document ‘Guidance on Transport Assessment’ is intended to assist all stakeholders in determining whether a Transport Assessment or Transport Statement may be required and, if so, what level and scope that assessment should include.

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