About Us

Confused by highway and transport issues, worried about high fees then contact LvW Highways Ltd


LvW Highways can provide advice to land owners, developers, residents, and planning / highway authorities on the highway and transport implications of development and other proposals. We can assist with complex projects such as large mixed use developments and also carry out smaller projects by providing access solutions or advice for small residential or commercial developments.

Client Contact

The two Directors will work very closely with clients and keep them informed about the key transportation issues during the progression of their projects. It is considered essential that client needs are met and that we understand the often rapidly changing progression of development proposals. In most cases negotiations at the appropriate time with local authority officers can head off potential objections and minimise their concerns over traffic impact.

Expert Witness

If applications are refused we can offer extensive experience of presenting traffic and highway evidence at public inquiries, planning appeals and hearings. Assistance can also be provided for written representation evidence. This form of expert advice can be provided to developers, local authorities and for objector groups who may be opposing development proposals.

LvW Highways prides itself on understanding our client’s objectives. We provide straight-forward high quality professional advice at reasonable rates and within agreed timescales.